Courses at Manthano College

1. Basic Bible Study Methods.
2.How to Interpret the Gospels.
3.How to Interpret Pauline Epistles.
4.How to Interpret Non-Pauline Epistles.
5.How to Interpret Revelation.
6.How to Interpret Words.
7.How to Interpret Narrative Literature.
8.How to Interpret Legal Literature. 
9.How to Interpret Wisdom Literature. 
10.How to Interpret Prophetic Literature.
11.How to Interpret Poetic Literature. 
12.The Doctrine of the Scriptures. 
13.The Doctrine of Theology Proper. 
14.The Doctrine of Jesus Christ. 
15.The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. 
16.The Doctrine of Man and Sin. 
17.The Doctrine of Angels and Judgments. 
18.The Doctrine of the Church and Endtimes. 
19.Evangelism and Apologetics for Cults. 
20.Evangelism and Apologetics for World Religions.